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   Colonel Teddy Roosevelt              General John J. Pershing                  General George S. Patton         Fleet Admiral Chester W.Nimitz      Fleet Admiral William ( Bull ) Halsey     

                                                               Joint Pow/Mia Accounting Command    ISIS Fears-- Pork, Female PKK Soldiers    


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    Military Women Double Amputees       

          (Disabled Women Veterans)   

Corporal Susan Downes

Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworths' Medals                 Vietnam POW John McCain               ISIS Beheads American Steven Sotloff    WW2 Sniper John R. Mckinney (Left)


Lieutenant Colonel Tammy Duckworth


Sgt. Mary Dague's Medals

Corporal Susan Downes' Medals

Sargeant Marissa Strock

Sgt. Marissa Strock's Medals

Sargeant Mary Dague

                                                                        ISIS Beheads American James Foley   Chris Kyle-Deadliest Sniper in History


Vietnam POW Robert L. Stirm Comes Home   ISIS Beheads  Little Christian Girl    U.S. Iraqi War Sniper Timothy Kellner 


Vietnam POW George Bud Day (McCains Cellmate)  ISIS Kills Another Christian Woman   Vietnam Sniper Aldebert Waldron

   Vietnam POW/MOH James Stockdale                    A Group of PKK Soldiers  

       Vietnam POW James Stockdale              PKK  Soldiers- House To  House Fighting      U.S. Vietnam Sniper Ed Eaton

Iraq POWS Jessica Lynch And Shoshana Jackson           PKK Soldier Zekia Karhan        Vietnam Sniper Chuck Mawhinney(Left)


U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal


 WW2 (Stalag Luft 3) POW Walter Nachtwey  Female PKK Soldiers Puts Fear Into ISIS  Vietnam Sniper Carlos Hatchcock